Bernadette Divilly

Somatic Dance Psychotherapy, Dance Diversity, Choreography

Winter 2017/Spring 2018 Workshops and Events

Assert Yourself, Know Your Ground – Winter Retreat

Developmental Psychology in Action


unnamed (1)Dates: 22nd Oct, 19th Nov and 17th Dec.

Time: 10am-5:30pm

Location: Studio, Galway City

Cost: €375 for all three

In these three workshops, participants will be taken on a developmental journey through the first year of life. This is where we hardwire our neural pathways and organise ourselves for relationship. This fundamental grounding eventually helps us to stand on our own two feet and we begin to develop our unique gait. Moving through early developmental reflexes and patterns, participants will have an opportunity to yield, to push, to reach and pull and find themselves in relationship with their own ground. Early developmental patterns are fundamentally helpful in restoring confidence and well being. Come and play. Slide, slip and slither as you remember your foundations and enjoy developing your tone. If you haven’t worked with me previously, there is an intake interview.

Email: Phone: 085 1260931

Contemplative Dance Practice – Support for Supervision

 Dates:  November 11th / December 9th 2017/ March 4th 2018

Times: 10am-5:30pmContemplativeDance_Photo

Location: Galway City

Cost: €375 for all three workshops.

Contemplative Dance Practice as Supervision Support.

Contemplative Dance practice provides therapists in supervision with a route to understanding how we metabolise our own internal states and those of our clients through the body awareness and action. Its a gentle way to cultivate presence and to explore somatic countertransference.
In these experiential workshops participants will be introduced to the Contemplative Dance Practice ( translated by Dance Movement Psychotherapist Bernadette Divilly to explore the supervision process within psychotherapy. Contemplative Dance Practice(CDP) mingles the discipline of meditation and improvisation in a simple structure using personal awareness practice, open space and discussion/ reflection time. Participants will practice tracking kinaesthetic delight and cultivating awareness while engaging with the four pillars of mindful movement practices.
Deep play in open space practice will be used to move with the supervision process, including the roles, responsibilities and tasks. The intention is to apply the CDP model to support supervision as interactive field. Attention will be directed towards client care as the core activator of the movement process.
These workshops are focused on being a support to the supervision processes and not as supervision. Its primary purpose will be to welcome and be with the unknown kindly. Suitable for supervisors and supervisees who are engaging with supervision in a variety of contexts.


If interested, contact me directly. Email: Phone: 085 1260931

WINTER RETREAT – The Dance of Conception and Birth

Life begins with contact between egg and sperm. In the unfolding dance of conception, implantation, differentiation, and development in the womb we grow ourselves for life on Earth. We are born, and our birth imprints influence how we manage our lives through growth, transitions and change. Our earliest existential experiences establish the baseline for our personalities and our attitudes, and set up the deepest challenges that we navigate throughout our lives. Revisit in a minded environment your earliest reference experiences, and re-engage and re-new your creative spark.

Suggested Reading: ‘Birth’s Hidden Legacy’, Volume 1 & Volume 2, Annie Brook, 201

Early booking advised. If people haven’t worked with me previously, there is an intake interview for which there is a cost. A letter of application of interest in this topic will be required.

Dates:  November 12th, December 10th, March 11th, April 7th.

Time: 10.00 am – 5.30 pm

Cost: €500

Venue: Galway City Centre


Winter Solstice at the Galway City Museum


Photo Credit: Dance Ireland

Date: 20th December
10:30am – 4:30pm
Galway City Museum

Free: Event sponsored by Galway Dance Project and supported by the Galway City Museum. The DROP project was also supported by a residency at Dance Ireland 2016.

DROP with the language of home this winter solstice. Find your personal choreography. This workshop will deepen your connection with yourself and local and international communities in 2017 through the exploration of basic principles of dance, relaxation, organisation and presence. We will explore the embodiment of home -engaging with both personal and public spaces within ourselves and in relationship.

The objective is to explore deepest types of movement democracy and inclusivity by dropping to consciously engage with the place of home through presence. This work is influenced by the Contemplative Dance Practices of Barbara Dilley and translated by Bernadette Divilly to engage with the culture of the west of Ireland.

All welcome: This workshop is appropriate for anybody with a body who is curious about mindful movement and simple choreographic practices. This workshop suits both professional artists and the community at large. The theme this time is the language of home. Explored and engaged with through the poetry of bodies engaging with memory, place and the architect of the city.