Walking Wisdom Woodquay

Walking in Woodquay

“There is no age or place where knowledge of the body is without use” – Bodystories by Olsen and McHose.

Supported by the Arts Council Arts Participation Award 2014-2015 and Galway City Council Arts Office and Architects Office.

“Walking Wisdom” supports relationships with people, city places, and creativity and the envisaging and developing of city design that pays attention to the slow enduring wisdom of the body place and memory.

“Walking Wisdom Woodquay” is in collaboration with Galway City Architect, Rosie Webb’s project, “Design with Communities”. This investigation will be body intelligent, inter-generational, and culturally diverse while honouring the ecological, geographical, and sociological history.

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 Woodquay, has much to offer Galway’s bid as a City of Culture. The project will culminate in a number of site-responsive performances 2015 where the body will used to articulate the needs of citizens with desire to influence architects, planners, and others engaged in making Galway a City of Culture.

 Dance “Dates”. are short walks, involving “Walking Wisdom” Dance Artists and Wood Quay citizens, will use walking to explore and map place by using their physical body and their local wisdom and knowledge to bring presence to universal design.

Dance Dates have been the inspiration for the development of the site-specific performances.

Project Partners include Woodquay Residents & Business Community, Galway City Council Architects Office, the Town Hall Theatre, Galway Dance Project, Galway One World Centre, NUI Galway Ómos Áite and CKI, the Rowing Club and the Men’s Shed.

To track the development of the project, click on the links below.

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Dance Performance at Martin O’Reilly (1826 – 1911) Historical Dance House (Password -Woodquay2468@)

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