Walking Wisdom Wood-quay 2014

Bernadette Divilly Image 1 by Elodie Rein copy

  City Design and Wisdom of the Body and PlaceMartin O Reilly Michael O’Reilly genius piper had a dancehall in Woodquay in the 1800’s.  Reilly  and  his dancehall is a doorway to social history.Interactive DesignNow developing new work with Cindy Cummings, dance artist and Aosdána member based on O Reilly.  This work will be introduced at Galway Dance Days 29th of March 2015Learning from the Past The Woodquay of the past is an endlessly fascinating place with a deep watery history.  Over the last few months, some participants in the project have immersed ourselves in old maps, in photographic exhibitions and old newspaper articles. Thanks to Eleanor Hough for endless tracking and Anne Lyons at CKI and Nessa Croin Ómos Áite for education on community mapping and more.Wood-quay a place of  Knowledge. Out of the research arising through dance dates and dance labs -I have generated a quiz on Woodquay that excavates and promotes the knowledge we have gained on the heritage, human geography and interactive space use.