US – Movement, Dance & Voice Workshop – Saturday 22nd October

US is a dance movement, music and voice workshop focused on racism and white privilege. Sharon and Bernadette will look at the shaping of our cultural connections through the lens of African/European history and experiential anatomy. The day will be facilitated to provide spacious and safe space to share and learn. Meditation, music and movement focusing on bone, breath, skin, and fluid systems used to support an embodied way of being together.

People who are classified as white are frequently unaware of how white privilege shows up in their body language and how it affects their relationships with people who are perceived differently on the basis of their skin colour. People who are classified Black, negotiate daily the impact of white privilege often expressed through conscious and unconscious actions. US is a unique opportunity to experience through art and learn in a safe space.

Workshop places are limited to 12. We are seeking expressions of interest from artists and others who are interested and open to working through how the body mind is an intelligent source of information. No professional dance experience is necessary, participants should be comfortable with using movement and voice.

TO REGISTER: Please email with your statement of interest and a few lines about yourself and why you feel you would like to take part in this workshop.
Please register by Monday 17th October.
Questions can be emailed to

Sharon Murphy is a singer, songwriter from the West of Ireland. She has two albums out, Invisible Walls and Where I belong. As an Irish person with Caribbean heritage, Sharon has experienced the dynamics of racism in Irish society. Sharon has worked for 26 years with the Galway One World Centre as an anti-racism activist. Currently Sharon’s time is dedicated to the study of Classical African history.

Research and development of the US was supported and funded by Bernadette Divilly’s Arts Council Agility Award 2021. Workshop organised and funded by Galway Dance Project through the Arts Council’s Capacity Building Support Scheme in collaboration with Galway One World Centre.

With gratitude to Dance Agility Award 2021, Galway Dance Project and Galway One World Centre.