The Decade of Commemorations Project – Workshops

Through a series of four workshops on Inis Oírr we will celebrate the collective engagement of our ancestors, the anonymous women artists and activists of 1922/23.

Using simple dance movement explorations, contemplations and simple scores we will investigate and evoke our cultural ancestors, the unrecognised grandmothers and great grandmothers who shaped the shifting cultural landscape of the time. If we know the history, her-story, we can be present to shape the future with awareness.

Bringing the influence of the past to the present day, these workshops will deepen the women’s connection to self, and local and international communities in 2022, through the exploration of basic principles of dance, relaxation, organisation and presence.

These workshops are appropriate for anybody who is curious about mindful movement and simple choreographic practices. We invite all movement abilities and the community at large.

Commissioned by Galway Public Libraries
Supported by The Arts Council Ireland Bursary 
Image Credit Cormac Coyne