Meditative Practice


Dance Dates allow us to be alone and be together. They provide a route to share and to be. During our zoom orientation session you will be given instructions on how to participate off line

ORIENTATION SESSION – Wednesday 9th June 8-9 pm GMT
via zoom with Bernadette Divilly Arts Council funded Dancer in Residence with support from Galway County and City Arts Offices

DAILY DANCE DATES (9 min practices) – 10th-24th June 9am & 9pm GMT (*join any or all/ as it suits your time zone)
Summer Solstice – In the June programme, in addition to usual practice, on the 21st June we will celebrate the turning point of the year, the summer solstice, with an extended 9/9/9 practice

Daily Dance Dates are body mind movement practices focused on stillness, mindful movement and deep play. During this practice we will meditate, move together and self-research in stillness and action, then in relationship with each other as part of a growing dance of emergence into a renewed sense of wellness.

Daily Dance Dates are a 9-minute practice designed by Bernadette Divilly in response to the transitioning through the Covid challenge. They are altered regularly to respond to present moment needs. It is a simple practice demonstrating connectivity while apart. All participants engage individually with the programme daily at the same time. Though alone we are connected in the energetic field of being together at the same time, though in different environments and parts of the world. It is a way to be alone and be together, it is a way to share and to be.

Dance dates just require you to participate at the appointed time. The orientation meeting will give instruction on planning, Covid compliance etc. The remainder of the programme is carried out individually, offline, outside in your own space, such as your back garden or an open place of beauty. For enhanced experience if possible anchor your Dance Date with one other person (across age/culture etc.) – someone you can be physically in the same space as (socially distanced) or via phone call etc.

Though aimed at the older members of our communities, the 50 plus, they are suited for any age. Dance dates across the generational gaps and cultures are encouraged for diversity and enrichment. Last March when Bernadette ran a series of dance days there was an enormous response from young adults also. Now she is inviting a moving dialogue between adult age groups via dance dates for Summer Solstice 2021.

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