Galway Dance Artist Residency connecting with CDP practitioners internationally

CDP (Contemplative Dance Practice) was originated by Barbara Dilley at the Naropa University in Bolder, CO USA.  The practice brings contemporary dance and Tibetan Buddhist practice together to create a simple but strong container to work both artistically and creatively with the art of living. Bernadette Divilly came into this practice during her graduate studies in Somatic Psychology – Dance Movement Psychotherapy at the Naropa University in the late 90s. In more recent years she has been part of Dance Art Lab, which is an ongoing retreat for practitioners of this form to evolve, translate and develop the work. 

‘I’m a particle, I’m somebody, and then I’m a wave – I’m fluid, not fixed – and then I become  a particle again. We experience this in dancing states all the time.” – Barbara Dilley (2017)