Dátaí Damhsa Laethúla – Láithreacht Ar Son Na Síochána // Daily Dance Dates – Presence For Peace

Continuation of Dance Dates, New Moon June 6th 1.30pm 2024

True peace is not merely the absence of tension. It is the presence of justice Martin Luther King, Jr.

DANCE DATES (9 min practices) Join from where you are, alone or with others

9 minute practice is divided into three components of three minute duration (3/3/3)
3 minutes of stillness/meditation
3 minutes of movement
3 minutes of contemplating the conditions for peace (e.g write, dance, sing, communicate)

Dance Dates are an easy route to regulate your nervous system and to find balance within your own body, mind, place and relationships. It supports cultivating awareness of our cultural bodies and our human challenges. It gives us a way to engage with the dance of life. Dance Dates are about creating a space to breathe and move consciously. It’s a way to work with our feelings and let them flow safely.  

Practices can be carried out individually, or for enhanced experience if possible anchor your Dance Date with one other person (across age/culture etc.) – someone you can be physically in the same space as or via phone call etc. It’s a good idea for each participant to set their own intention for Daily Dance Dates.

See audio link for support

Image Credit: @cormaccoyne