Collaborative Arts Practice

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Mind The Dance

Tutorials aimed for the over 50s (Useful at any age)

These videos are based on contemplative dance and are adapted to suit working indoors and outdoors, as well as developing a personal practice. 

The Choreography of Power, Presence and Place

A study in and around the park with residents of Woodquay and an invitation to a stranger.

This is an Arts in the Community research project with Galway choreographer and dance artist in residence Bernadette Divilly and the local community in Woodquay, Galway City supported by Create and Galway City Arts Office. Each dance score is written or spoken, creating an event. It is intentionally simple in order to allow the dancer to compose from what their creativity and experience allows. Always, there is a beginning, middle, end, clarity about time and conclusion. These dance scores were specifically made for the purpose of researching whether the resident community would be interested in being involved in developing a project proposal for the artist in the community scheme. This project started in June and the field-work finished in August 2020.
During June and July, there were dance dates with four local residents. Each dance date involved making a date, meeting in the park, and a follow-up which included sending notes to Tomasz Madajczak, the ‘stranger’. Tomasz visited Galway at the end of July and met with two of the residents involved in the research and made his own relationship with local residents passing through the park.
The lead artist Bernadette Divilly worked on a project with the community in 2014/15. The old public park has undergone a period of community research and design and is in transition. The question of who takes responsibility for and ownership of the park is prevalent, and there are challenges regarding the cultural values and conditions that will shape the nature of the park, and how it is understood as a living entity in itself, to be cared for and engaged with.
With visiting ‘stranger’ artist Tomasz Madajczak, both artists will introduce their artistic processes to the Woodquay community: ways to explore the value of creating a movement-based performative work, integrated with lens-based media explorations, responding to the space and politics of the place including the park.

Ciúnas NUI Galway

The ‘Ciúnas’ project unfolded between January 2016 and March 2017. It was an Arts Participation project looking at the place of women in the academy. In 2015, aware of gender inequalities being highlighted at NUI Galway, the university’s Arts Office worked with me to create a project to bring the intelligence of the body to the conversation of women’s roles in a university.


Monther's Day

Woman and Water

Contemplate (Password: contemplate)

International Engagements

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Global Underscore – Galway Dancing with the World

Gratitude to the NSS January Workshop/Long Dance 2018.

Supported by an Arts Council Arts Participation Travel and Training Award, I was able to share the underscore and facilitate the global underscore in Ireland for the first time.
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Searching for a Language of Home

Eco Art Incubator Cyprus: Sites Embodied 14th-19th April 2017
EDN /Atelier Akamas: Nature Embodied Cyprus 20th-23rd April 2017
Supported by: Dance Ireland and Dance Gate Lefkosia (EDN Members)