Mind The Dance

Mind The Dance

In this Dance Training participants will be introduced to Mind the Dance principles .  We will explore a safe enough sanctuary so our dance can lead us.  Solos will give expression…

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Contemplative Dance Practice Workshop

In this two-day workshop participants will be introduced to contemplative dance practice. Key elements in this work include Dharma Art, Somatic Intelligence, and Improvisation. “We will explore sanctuary allowing the…

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Walking Wisdom Wood-quay 2014

  City Design and Wisdom of the Body and PlaceMartin O Reilly Michael O’Reilly genius piper had a dancehall in Woodquay in the 1800’s.  Reilly  and  his dancehall is a doorway to social history.Interactive DesignNow…

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Walking Wisdom Woodquay Past Present Possibility

Saturday 18 July, 3pmhttp://www.giaf.ie/events/walkingwisdomwoodquay Increasing attention is being given to local level and bottom-up approaches that focus on culture, territory, local diversity, and optimizing local resourcesA Conversation on Creative Cities…

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Wisdom Mapping Woodquay

The people of Galway are invited to join in a free inter-generational event open to all which will be facilitated by Choreographer and Dance Movement Therapist Bernadette Divilly and partners…

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